Sunday, August 16, 2009

Watermelon, Manggo, Calamansi Lime and Roselle

I have been busy running here and there within the last couple of weeks....


Very frustrated to see that the workers has been concentrated in clearing the farm rather than clearing the area where we planted our watermelon. The grass is at knee high and therefore more insect attacking the fruit and also less fruit as the watermelon trees needs to flight with the grass for fertilizer and sunshine!

Look at this grasses! Everyone get scolded from me yesterday! You can't even find the watermelon trees in this overgrown grass.

Those watermelon trees in a clear area has produce fruit which should be ready for harvest around end August.


Our mango trees is learning to produce their fruits and all over the farm there is mangoes trees with flowers and fruits...

Young mangoes drop from the trees.

Limau Kasturi/Calamansi Lime

I love my calamansi lime fruit...they really producing!


We harvested our roselle for the third time and we collected 180kgs fresh calyx. Fresh and full bloom as below: -

We started planting another 2.5 acre area and we hope in another 2 months time, we could harvest this area. We are now considering to plan in a new area of around 30 acres area.

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